23 responses to “Kcee – Limpopo [Official Video]”

  1. GreenMoneyInc

    Maybe that’s his girlfriend…he has a right to put his girlfriend or whoever he desires in his video. But speaking from a marketer’s view its stupid of him to do so if he is trying to sell his music to African females. Dont let these American and European people influence you to put white females in your video. Yall all know black is beautiful, so lets keep it that way. These other people have an agenda and we will not part-take in it!

  2. kynaijaboy

    Since we only saw them in movies, with long straight hair, nice clothes, we subconsciously believed they were better than us. We all hopes to grow up so we could have a white friend. These artists see using white women in their videos as an upgrade. If you are a local broke artist, you don’t have the finances to travel abroad to hire white models. What this guy is doing is reinforcing inferiority complex or insecurities that black africans have. I grew up in the us, so I am used to diversity.

  3. kynaijaboy

    You all don’t get it. It is less about her being white, and more about black is beautiful. In the US, it’s ok to put white, blue, yellow, or green people in videos, because the country is diverse, and the fans are global. However, naija artists have mostly african fans, and the videos should represent it’s target audience. Most nigerians have probably never met a white person before. when they one on the street, they all stop and stare. As kids, we only saw them in hollywood movies.

  4. temi majek

    You realise d person trolling u is female? Kinda explains y she’s so bitter. I thot it was a guy hating till i read all her comments. Gurl just sounds mad bitter to a point where u start to feel sorry for her stupidity. Cuz he got a caucasian girl doesn’t mean u should judge him. infact u got no right to speak. one life to live, let him live it d way he pleases! unless ur saying he won’t make it 2 heaven cuz he dated a white girl? cuz 4rm what i remember, the jesus we all pray to looks white. xx

  5. bestsunshine3

    Which big house nigerians dey live in?? Tell that to your grand-father in your village, that is if you still have one… Nigerians boys in russia that live’s 8 to 9 people in one room… You think we are still in stone age or 17th century where nobody gets info on what goes around the world?? I laugh you… Ewu guest-room.

  6. michael lawrence

    point of correction, i’m a Russian language literate, i speak fluent Russia like every other Russian citizen, not by my power, so English is seen as nothing here, dem no send english if u no know….. FAGGOT

  7. bestsunshine3

    Onye ala upper-iweka @ Micheal lawrence, you can die in russia for all i care, na 8years you take senior Kcee, sit your demonic ass in russia and keep on eating from a girl’s pocket. You no know wetin your mate take leave you. Suffer head… Заебал ебаный хуй

  8. michael lawrence

    hahahahaha, u r d biggest fool, u say there is no Job for black people in Russia, hahahahaha, r u talking from experience or what, u need to come n see d cars Nigerians drive here, and d big houses they live in, my girl cannot feed me coz i’m a big boy on my own, and my girl aint no prostitute, if ur girl is one , and point of correction i don’t pay for sex, i get sex for free, i’m done with black girls, ( are u insinuating that black girls are ashewo, u r insulting d girls u protect u faggot)

  9. michael lawrence

    hahahaha, u must be a fool, do u think everybody leaves in a woman’s house like u,( и я хорошо понимаю и говорю русский как все людей) это моя проблема брат, спасибо), is Nigeria a country one should be proud of?? ewu like u, better go n get urself a foreign passport and throw away that green passport as fast as u can, coz Nigeria is still far back compared to the smallest European country talk-less of Russia, second world power….

  10. michael lawrence

    Go suck a dick faggot, coz it was not written for gays like you….. get yourself a girl brother….

  11. spodme85

    Black, white, green or even red girl, it should not bother you, love knows no color and be sides it’s a MUSIC video, so stop your racism

  12. Kandy Emah

    as for me and my household, we shall always go for white. Carry on broda.)))

  13. Donald Ryan

    U be 2 much

  14. Natasha Okoisama

    This is cool and relaxing

  15. Elwin Messey

    luvd it … :-)

  16. emma O

    oooo this is my jam

  17. Grace Asiegbu

    Couldn’t have said it better, thank you!!! The ignorance on here is too much!

  18. Prince Tony

    Best of the year

  19. tomaz jemain

    Nice tune but he should have choose black girl than white gold digger girl

  20. richard jallah

    So nice kecc

  21. Saintatom Anthony

    Kc my hood I love it boy .

  22. Gen. James Wilton

    Nice tunes

  23. oduols

    love it….great tune!