12 responses to “Ogunde – Yoruba E Ronu – 2013 Latest Nigerian Movie Musical by Tunde Kelani Mainframe”

  1. Tunde Kelani

    @Olori B Thanks. You can order 17 titles at mainframemovies.tv/buy-our-movies/ . We recently completed shooting missing scenes for MAAMi so be on the lookout.

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  2. Olori B

    Hi sir, I really appreciate ur work. Please how and where can one watch or order for your movies. I would really love to watch the maami, most especially. Thank you.

  3. dipity2014

    Hello Mr Tunde Kelani. First of all i’d like to express my apprication of ur work. I live in the USA and it hard to find ur new movies like maami and arugba is there a way we can watch the movies online. Thanks.

  4. mszeee

    This is fantastic, please more more this is just wonderful. Thank you

  5. laidespecial

    Speechless! Classic

  6. Demmy Eddy

    Another amazing production! Uncle Tunde, i do not know how many awards you have received, but I made bold to say that your talent and passion for promoting the Yoruba cause, and a sane Nigeria has not gone unnoticed. Every one of your production is qualitative and sends clear message. I hope Nollywood producers of “these days” can learn from you. Kudos egbon!!!

  7. Tunde Kelani

    The dancer is albino (afin), NOT a white person.

  8. Kabiyesiii

    @ arowolo22. You could not distinguish between an AFIN and an Oyinbo? owo orisha ni won fin woo AFIN.

  9. arowolo22

    AS anyone nonticed there is a white person dancing.


    Yoruba sora won di boolu t’ araye ngba . I remember the vinyl disc in my dad’s collection 

  11. victor okhai


  12. abbysfashions

    YORUBA indeed. I hope we will all live in peace with each other and stop the segregation we have created ourselves. Thanks Uncle Tunde. Olorun Oba oni pa laa kaye yin. Amin